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  I know as a mother of four  how difficult it is for a parent  to  choose childcare.  The task can become very stressful, and is very overwhelming at times with so many providers out there and the many different kinds.   However it  is one of the most important choices we will make as parents .  When it comes to our children the higher our standards,  the better the result and the more confident you will feel in the decision you make.   All of our interviewing for new families is done after childcare hours for the first visit after you may schedule a time to come through during day hours  We do not believe strangers should come into the home without us meeting them first.  It is an agreement we have with our already contracted families and will continue to hold that same standard with our new families.  I have created a home away from home atmosphere here at COH as well as the reassurance of  security by providing you with updated documentation of background screenings, CPR, and other valuable information in our parent folders.

  I have worked in the childcare field for over 21 years.  I have provided in home childcare for the past 15 of those.  As well as provide the up to date  training needs for over 30 nursery volunteers,Worked as an am currently the SW.MO Nanny and have many years of references  (Please look under the church nursery  if interested in having us come out and visit with your church nursery). 

 At COH I provide a loving, safe,happy, interesting and healthy enviroment for all ages during the time their parents have entrusted them to us.  We make an extended effort to establish and maintain strong, trusting relationships with the parents and seek them out as the primary resource for ideas, assistance and support in caring for their child/ren each and every day.

  The atmosphere is truly a home away from home feeling.  Your child will not be restricted to one childcare space or the change over in teachers that most centers currently have.   There is low ratio, menu's/meal and 2 snacks offered each and every day, Daily communication logs, science folders, outdoor space,  potty training and behavior awards as well as sticker logs, water play,  baby sign language is used every day,parents night out, community service projects, as well as much much more.


If interested in hearing more please contact us at 417-241-3930 and ask for Ms. Lana (like banana)




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