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I also offer the following training and speaking engagements for your church nursery team.  In todays world it is vital to have the proper training for your nursery team and educate them on the proper procedures and safety in working with children in the church.  Below is some of the sessions that I offer.



Speaking/ teaching  engagments include:  

*How to properly equip your church nursery worker

*Getting the most out of your current curriculum ( for church Nursery's)

*Educating the Nursery leadership (stepping up to the next level)

*Implementing chain of command  in your church nursery

*Setting up your church nursery

*Reaching your community through the church nursery

*Why your church nursery is vital to your church

*The babysitters club* for youth in the local church. (a certification and referrel program for youth interested in babysitting) and the referrel system helps church families





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